Thursday, November 12, 2009

Metropolitan Home | Another Magazine is Folding

Another home/shelter magazine is folding after the December 2009 issue. Metropolitan Home it is one of several home magazines to be eliminated in the last two years, given the bad housing market and lack of disposable income for redecorating. Read more. I guess Lonny has the right idea being exclusively an online publication.

Content in a Cottage


Gail, in northern California said...

I can appreciate the fact that when their price-to-produce goes up so goes the price of the magazine but, in some instances, they have managed to price themselves right out of business. Similar to what is happening in the greeting card world. I saw a lovely card the other day and was ready to buy...until I turned it over. $6.99 No, I'm sorry but that is way too much to spend on a card. I put it back.

Sue said...

I agree with Gail-many of these magazines are getting ridiculous with their prices. I have joined Maghound, which I LOVE, but even they are losing some magazines. It's a shame-I love to read magazines --I enjoyed Cottage Living, and that is no more!