Sunday, November 15, 2009

Click If You Love Corduroy

Hail the wale! Corduroy lovers gathered this week for a night of appreciation. I've always loved corduroy too. I sewed my own clothes all the way through school and quickly learned to cut all the pattern pieces facing the same direction or I would end up with a two-toned garment. On 11/11 the day that most resembles corduroy, the Corduroy Appreciation Club met in Brooklyn. The entrance fee for the 4th annual meeting was $11.11, the price that most resembles corduroy. Refreshments included celery and Ruffles potato chips, foods that most resemble corduroy. Rebecca Allen, pictured above is a member of the Main Squeeze, an all-female accordian orchestra, the instrument that most closely resembles corduroy. Love her outfit! I really appreciate all the humor that went into the planning of all things corduroy, don't you? Want more? Continue reading the complete article and see the 6-photo slideshow from The New York Times. Have a great weekend. Rosemary

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Gal Friday said...

A Corduroy Society--I love it! At first, I didn't get it with
the 11-11 date...but once you mentioned the ribbed foods I thought "how clever!"
Now, maybe I should see if there is a "polka dot" or striped clothing club? ;-)