Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photos from around the cottage . . .

Webster follows this fan wherever it goes.

Cleomes are exploding everywhere.

I only have a few Queen Anne's Lace wildflowers.

Wild grapes are ripening nicely. Delicious.

My thistles are beginning to bloom.

I took all of these photos yesterday morning. Things have changed drastically thanks to the afternoon and overnight rains. The heat wave has now broken and we are all very happy about that! Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a short visit. Have a good weekend. ♥Rosemary

Content in a Cottage


Stacey Snacks said...

Do you think the fan is talking to Webster? maybe they know something we don't!

Sue said...

I think Webster is a very smart dog. And handsome too! Thank you for the weekend dose of dog.....I needed that!
Your camera (you) take wonderful pictures. What kind is it? And is it hard to use?
Have a very wonderful weekend and enjoy the cooler weather!

Millie said...

Glad to hear you both have received a reprieve from the heat Rosemary. I've just thrown a couple more logs on the fire here, as even for a Sunday morning it's mighty chilly.
Millie ^_^

~melinda~ said...

Webster is a smart dog! He knows just where to lay... under the bed and in front of the fan! Follow him around Rosemary and you'll stay cool!

brooke said...

Once again... beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Gal Friday said...

I see the extreme heat made Webster abandon his usual under the bed spot to stay cool and smartly embrace the wind from the fan! That's such a sweet photo of him.