Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life's Little Instruction Book, page 1 . . .

Life's Little Instruction Book
511 Reminders for a
Happy and Rewarding Life

I thought it would be fun to scan this entire book, page by page. It's one of my favorites. The author, H. Jackson Brown, Jr. typed these observations and words of counsel for his son to take off to college. The hand-made book quickly circulated and was published in 1991. I often pick up this small volume and it never fails to inspire me. Enjoy.

...To be continued...

Content in a Cottage


mary said...

I love simple,so perfect

Protege said...

Hello, find you through Gal Friday's blog. Isn't that little handy "instructions" book just great? I own it too and have posted some of the instructions on my blog as well, back in September.;))

You have a lovely place here.;)

Sabina said...

Love this idea - can't wait to read more!!

Have a great day Rosemary!!