Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HELVETICA ~ A film about this typeface TONIGHT on PBS at 10PM :: Independent Lens Documentary . . .

"Helvetica" Historians and designers talk about fonts, and why Helvetica reigns as the most popular.
Read more about this documentary on Independent Lens tonight (12/06/09) on PBS.

Check your local listings for time of airing in your area. You can watch a preview on the website. In the New York area, its on PBS tonight at 10pm.

Looks good...can't wait. I live for fonts!

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Sabina said...

Ooooh - thanks for this. I'm always searching PBS for new and interesting shows! I love Independent Lens!!

Have a good evening Rosemary. :)

Stacey Snacks said...

I never knew about this typeface/font. I will have to pay more attention.
Do you think the IRS can send my tax bill in PAPYRUS font? Now, that would be pretty!

Sabina said...

I just had to follow up on this. My husband and I watched this show last night and found it very interesting. Such passion for fonts!! My husband is a graphic editor (among other things) so he knows all about typeface and design on a level most never think about.

Thanks again Rosemary!! Never would have found it without you!!