Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Create your own JACKSON POLLOCK masterpiece . . .

I just noticed the Google Doodle today and wondered what it was. It is a squiggly painting celebrating the birthday of Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956).

I have had this link saved to my computer for years. The paint splatters when you move your mouse and the colors change with each click. When you "finish" your masterpiece, you can even save and print it. Very cool indeed. Here is the link to bring out your inner artist:

“The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous.”
— Jackson Pollock

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Sabina said...

I saw that on Google too but thought I'd look into later - thanks for clearing that up. What fun!! My youngest daughter will get the biggest kick out of this (maybe as much as I did - ha) since she wants to be an Artist/Mommy when she grows up!!

By the way, thanks for your helpful email Rosemary!!


brooke said...

What a blast!