Saturday, October 4, 2008

Free Download ~ Political Candidates Finger Puppets.

You can make finger puppets for both Presidential Candidates, their wives, and the Vice Presidential candidates too. You will need one sheet of card stock for each puppet. There is a video on the download sheet with instructions...they are really easy to understand without watching it.

Free download from

Make all 6 and have some fun. Have your own debates, take some pictures, make a YouTube film, entertain your family and friends. Print lots and share. Have fun.

Enjoy your weekend.


teaorwine said...

Oh... how very cute! May I post a link on my blog as well??? We must continue to giggle and have fun despite the state of the government, no? lol

Content in a Cottage said... a link on your blog...we only have a month to enjoy the finger puppets. We must maintain matter what!

Pigtown-Design said...

C... I am going to post this as well.. just as soon as I finish Obama...

Content in a Cottage said...

Your readers will love it...mine certainly have!