Monday, September 8, 2008

Slug Portraits ~ Not for the Squeemish . . .

I seem to be having great luck lately having invertebrates pose for their portraits! This guy was washed out by Hanna's big rain and landed on an extremely prickly object. I always wear leather gloves when I rake up these American chestnut pods. They really hurt!

I guess slugs feel no pain because the thorns did not seem to hinder him. Mr. Slug moved right along and found safety rather quickly.

For anyone wanting more 'up close and personal' slug photos, I uploaded the whole photo shoot to a Picasa Web Album. All shots are right out of the camera and some are fuzzy. I won't leave them up forever, so look if you dare. Choose slideshow for the best viewing experience. Enjoy.

I think this slug looks related to the couple in yesterday's cartoon, don't you?

You might also be interested in my Snail Portraits.


Gal Friday said...

I DID heed your warning and scrolled down quickly so as not to see the slugs. Ugh! Those are the worst! I don't mind spiders and other insects; even earthworms don't bother me too much, but I cannot handle the look and IDEA of slugs(and those centipede and millipede creatures)
I do admire you for your photographing them--seems you don't have a silly hang-up about them like I do.

Content in a Cottage said...

This is exactly why I did another post right as to give a little breathing room before the slimey slug photos. I am only afraid of mice. You probably love them...catwoman that you are!

SarahB said...

Fascinating!!! I went to the slideshow and put it on a 1 second delay between pictures and it was almost like I was watching him move. I thought the markings on him were beautiful!

Content in a Cottage said...


I am so glad you enjoyed the slideshow on a fast speed. Yes, his markings are quite striking. I never knew there were so many "feelers" in the head area of this lowly creature.

Thanks for looking...Rosemary

Stacey Snacks said...

I am eating snails/escargot, while in France, but yours are too pretty to eat!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Before the internet, I thought I was the only one who took photos of bugs, slugs, and spiders. Great photos!

Content in a Cottage said...

Laura...Maybe we are sisters under the skin! I just entered my subscription to your wonderful blog and look forward to giving it the time it deserves.

suzeeez said...

beautiful slugs ! I could have probably won a contest for the most slugs this year in my yard ! Big fat slimy ones :o) Sue