Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wall of framed marine life prints . . .

I love this wall of framed prints with shells, starfish, and crustaceans. There is no hand coloring on the engravings and I like that look in this neutral setting. I used to do custom framing as a sideline to accompany my antique print business. Now I just sell them unframed as they are easier to mail that way. A large grouping of a single category is always stunning.

Content in a Cottage


Gal Friday said...

I work in a custom framing shop!!Have done so part-time for the last 15 years(with a three year break after my daughter was born).
This IS quite a stunning grouping--unusual for there to be that many. I have a customer coming in to pick up two botanical prints(she seems to do two every year-- same size, same frame). Maybe I should show her your photo, so she can see what so many prints grouped together would look like. :-)

Content in a Cottage said...

Dear gf...I have had my framing equipment set up in the loft over the garage since moving here in 2004 but seldom go up there since there is no electricity. Another of my creative outlets has hit the dust. One day I will start again. I have been thinking about a solar panel out there. You should definitely show the picture wall to your customer. That would be good for both of us. You might get more framing business and maybe I will get another reader.