Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blueberries for Breakfast

I ran out of yogurt so I put my blueberries on cottage cheese this morning for a nice summer breakfast. Yum. It is going to be a scorcher today so I am thinking cool. Actually I have yet to turn on my central air. I am amazed that I still have been able to hold out. The AC in my car hasn't worked for years and I spent a great deal of my childhood in the deep south so it's not that hard for me. I just pretend I am in Alabama. I was born in Georgia and moved to Alabama before my first birthday. We lived there through the third grade. Air conditioning hadn't been invented back then. Or at least if it had, I never experienced it. I still love a fan and have several vintage ones with the big grills that you can fit your fist through. I can still remember seeing how close I could get my fingers to the blades before cutting off part of a digit. It is a wonder children live to be adults.

Now are you ready to learn something very cool indeed? Have you ever wondered how people put symbols in their posts? Do you ever have to type something in a foreign language and need to put in an accent or other symbol? Do you get tired of writing the word cents and wish you could just put a cent symbol? too! For years I had to do it the hard way with html. Recently I did a Google search for Windows Alt Symbols and a fabulous cheat sheet came up on someone's blog. It listed 255 symbols you can get just by hitting the ALT key on your keyboard and while you are holding it down add a number or numbers using the Numpad. That's the part of your keyboard that looks like a calculator.

These all work perfectly in Microsoft Word but all of them did not work with the font I am using in this blog. Look here to see the chart. I keep a shortcut for this on my desktop and use it many times daily! Now I have to give credit to the Blog's author, Brown Thoughts. You might also want to bookmark another site that shows these symbols in another format...though some of the fun ones are missing. Enjoy and let me have your thoughts in the form of a comment or an email. Enjoy your day.

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trickimiki said...

love the link. i always somehow seem to lose it. !! love the heart symbol.